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Word roots in science- II

Modern Foreign Languages

calor: heat (Spanish,Portuguese)


Traditionally, heat is measured in units of calories (cal) instead of joules.
One calorie is defined as the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by one degree centigrade (°C).

( this way, thinking of heat helps to remember what a calorie means)

capello  means hair (Italian)


So, capillaries have this name because they are very thin. Their discovery , by Italian scientist Malpighi, had to wait for the development of the microscopy, by Dutch scientist Leewenhook

aqueous solution :    water is  agua  (Spanish)


In vivo      alive   :  vivo (Spanish)

In vitro        glass :  vidro (Portuguese) and Vetro (Italian)

Carnivore      meat  : carne  (Spanish)

lignine - glucose polymer used by plants to produce wood

      wood -    legno  (Italian)


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gen : generate

pepsinogen: generates de enzyme pepsin

antigen: generates antibodies

hydrogen: generates water (hydro)


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