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Places available for July 2013 !

Eco-Camping in Trancoso / Bahia

The camping is temporarily closed down . We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Plenty of shadow is available among the trees and for the most adventurous there are also camping plots into the jungle,and in the transition region.

There are showers and bathroom facilities. We also offer an outdoors shower, based on a tree and using bamboo pipes (photo below).

Hot water is not available but we can assure youthat you won't need it.


Camping Prices:

£ 4 / person per day

There is mobile phone coverage.

Water and Electricity are available on site.



Mineral water is available (£1 / day - drink as much as you want).

During the summer we can harvest pineapples, mangabas and some other exotic fruits which we offer to our guests.

Coconut water is available throughout the year (it costs about £ 0.40 per coconut).

Fresh milk and a full range of fruits and vegetables can be obtained from our neighbouring farms.

Fresh fish and other seafood can be bought directly from fishermen in Trancoso beach (8 km away) at around 9 am.


The local river provides for a relaxed refreshing experience.

The local river, 60 m inside the jungle, has nice and cool water. It is very shallow so that in some parts you can even lie down and relax.

Local people drink its water as it comes.


The high water tank can bee seen from a distance.
Giant bromelias, typical from the Atlantic forest, are present.