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OUR LOCATION: We are not on the map, and we are proud of that.


TRANCOSO - Sapirara : Pineapple Land


Our site is located in the Sapirara district (belonging to the Porto Seguro municipality - county of Bahia) which is know as Pineapple land. It is an agricultural land inhabited by pacific and hard working people.

We are not on the map (so don't search for Sapirara on google maps) but we are only 70 km from Porto Seguro, which is a famous brazilian town provided with an international airport.

The closest town is Trancoso (7 km via a a by road or 11 km via a road with tarmac pavimentation), which is not on google maps either. However if you do a google search on Trancoso (web or images) you will see lots of wonderful images of its beaches and sorroundings.The by road from Sapirara to Trancoso is very beautiful, it crosses a farm, and can be done walking, cycling or jogging. Very few cars use this road.

Our site is around 4km (or13km by pavimented road) from

Club Med Trancoso .


A very famous beach, called Espelho (pictured on the right hand size), is considered one of Brazil's best beaches and it is only 25 km away from our site.

Many other places of interest are in the vicinty, such as the sactuary of Nossa Senhora d'Ajuda and the archipel of Abrolhos, which is a famous diving spot with coral reefs. There is also Corumbau, a village on the bank of a wondeful river that provides opportunities for underwater fishing.

The Monte Pascol (Pascoal Hill), also in the area, is a major tourist attraction because it has been the first piece of American land seen by the conquerers.




There is an efficient Moto Taxi service running between Sapirara and all the towns around, including Porto Seguro. Moto Taxis (or conventional car taxis) can be called at any time from Sapirara by using a mobile phone. They can also be used to order some unusual goods fom Trancoso (like Champagne).

Alternatively, we can arrange to pick you up at Porto Seguro International Airport.


The entrance of Sapirara (on the right). Pineappple land (terra do abacaxi) sign on the background.


Our Adress:


Alameda das Mangabeiras, 3

Estrada de Sapirara


Porto Seguro - BA