Sample Complaints


-Making customer suffer unnecessary pain

Credit card

-Not making terms and conditions clear

-Witholding personal data

-Stopping the card without giving notice

Mobile phone company

-Offers that don't work



More complaints



-Incompetent teaching

Internet provider

-Refusing to disconnect

Builders and city council

-Trying to push a "batch up" job

Traffic accident

-Trying to avoid paying for losses caused


-Making up new charges

Debt Collectors

-Threatening behaviour





We share our expertise and experience with people that need to make a complaint.

With over 10 years experience, we try to make sure that no injustices are made by big corporations, city councils or even smaller businesses and other third parties.

We can provide advice and even handle the complaint on your behalf.

We hope we can help you on a complaint, which may sometimes become a long battle.

In any case we will be happy if this work provides you with inspiration and encouragement!