KE = kinetic energy (J)

m = mass (kg)

v = speed (m/s)






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Kinetic energy

This the energy of movement.

Kinos (from Greek) means movement. The word cinema comes from kinema (moving images). Kino means cinema in German.

Accordingly to the formula on the left, the higher the speed and the mass of a body, the higher its kinetic energy.


Example Calculations


1) What is the kinetic energy of a bullet that weighs 20 g and moves at 500 m/s ?

20g = 0.02 kg

K = (0.02*500*500) / 2 = 5000 J

2) What is the kinetic energy of an elephant that weighs 1 ton and moves at 1 m/s ?

K = (1000*1*1) / 2 = 500 J