Online Tuition

Exam / Past Paper revision

For those that want to complement their online science studies and revision with some extra learning support, I offer online tuition to people all around the planet, which includes support on examinations, dissertations, essays and everything else you need to succeed in your science and math studies. The topics offered, at any level (primary school to university) are:





+ writing techniques: reports, essays and dissertations.

I am more experienced with UK examination boards, but I also welcome students from other countries, as I have developed a rewarding work with students from various other countries, particularly US, Canada, Australia and India.


Online tuition

Online tuition is offered to students anywhere in the world!

It ca be delivered in different ways: email, chat (written), voice or voice and camera. Skype is normally used for this purpose.

My skype name is : science-tutor

Skype's share screen functionality is often employed, because it adds interactivity: at the same time we are talking, resources can be shown on the screen. Those can be text, images, animations or simply the text / calculations I write as I speak.

Online tuition can serve a variety of purposes: pre-exam revision, homework help and to get learning support in general. I also provide help with learning and study skills and IT related issues. For instance, I can help you to make the most of programs like Excel and Word, so that your homework is done quickly and to a high standard.

Exam techniques

Learn how to perform better in exams, managing your time efficiently. In addition, a full review of past papers of your chosen examination board is carried out, so that you know what to expect!

Dissertation / Essay - help

Learn writing and research techniques to produce interesting and well organized text.


Constant support, mainly via email, so that students can get the support they need, right when it is needed. In this modality, I will be monitoring the progress of the student in a daily, weekly or monthly basis, providing feedback and guiding the studies envisaging to achieve maximum performance.

The advantages of online tuition / coaching :

1) You don't have to spend time traveling to meet a tutor.

2) There is no need to book a whole hour. You can have a 30 min slot. This is interesting for when you have only a few questions to ask.

3) If you are not satisfied with the tutor you have, you can finish the session within 10 min, in which case there is no charge. That could be frustrating in case you have a tutor in your home.

4) Even if you prefer home tuition, you can meet your tutor online before inviting him/her to your home or making an appointment elsewhere. This way you can make sure you have a good communicator and that the answers you receive to your questions are satisfactory.

5) You can have a more frequent learning support, and in the comfort of your home.

6) It is better value for money (you don't have to pay for the time the tutor spends traveling to your home, fuel expenses, etc.).

7) You have a wider choice, so that you can meet a better qualified and more experienced tutor.