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1) The following equilibrium exists between ethane (C2H6), ethene (C2H4) and hydrogen (H2):

C2H6 ⇌ C2H4 + H2

We insert 8 mols of C2H6 in the reaction chamber, which is initially empty. After a while equilibrium is established and we find out that there are 3 mols of C2H4 in the chamber (equilibrium concentration).

How many mol of C2H6 and H2 exist at equilibrium?


a) 2 mols C2H6 e 3 mols H2

b) 3 mols C2H6 e 3 mols H2

c) 4 mols C2H6 e 1 mols H2

d) 5 mols C2H6 e 3 mols H2