Concept Maps - Index

Concept maps, or mind maps, are a great tool for students, professionals,... anybody! They help you to learn, to revise, to organise and to assess your knowledge.



Anabolismo e catabolismo

Functions of proteins

Lipídeos e suas funções



Biomolecules - Natural Polymers

Tropisms - Plant movements

From cell to Organism

Exercise: carbon as a fuel and food

Light and energetic substances

Difusion and active transport

Difusion and osmosis

Infectious diseases



Solute and solvent

Oxidation and reduction

Reduction potential

From elements to materials

Natural and artificial polymers

Glucose metabolism

Periodic table

Metals x non-metals


Chemical bond

Gram molecule (Avogadro number)

Calcium carbonate

Erosion and weathering



Electrons in physics and chemistry

Velocity and acceleration

Kinematics - What formula to use?

Energy (clickable map)

How to create voltage?

Eletricity static and "normal

Nuclear reactors