Triglicerides and fatty acids

Phospholipids and cell membranes

Sterols: cholesterol and testosterone


Extra topics:

Fuel made from fat: Biodiesel

Eating fat without gaining weight:Olestra

Trans fats




Lipids (or fats)


Sterols are lipids that have a structure which includes 4 rings fused together.


Sterols are present in both plants and animals. An important animal sterol is cholesterol (image above) . Cholesterol is very important because it makes part of the structure of cell membranes. It also participates in the formation of steroid hormones .

Steroids are a class of sterols. Many important hormones are steroids, including the ones that control sexual characteristics. An example is testosterone (below) :



Testosterone is present in males and females. It is also present in many animals. The role of testosterone in man includes the development of  muscle, bone mass, and the growth of body hair.


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