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Concept Maps - Index

Concept maps, or mind maps, are a great tool for students, professionals,... anybody! They help you to learn, to revise, to organise and to assess your knowledge.

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concept mapa infectious diseases

Concept map - Infectious diseases


Plant movements





The role of electrons in chemistry and in physics


Concept map - Clickable ! - Electricity

Concept map - energy - exercise - Fill in the blanks


Static Electricity



concept map importance of lipids

Importance of lipids


concept map proteins

Functions of proteins




Concept map Energy - Clickable ! -You can click on any word and be directed to its corresponfding page on the site.

concept map osmosis and diffusion

Osmosis and diffusion


Active transport x diffusion


Kinematics - velocity and acceleration


Different kinds of weathering


Calcium carbonate (chalk)


Cells can form larger structures


Fuels for machines and for living organisms




The role of electrons in chemistry and in physics II



concept map REDOX

REDOX reactions


reduction potential concept map

Reduction potential