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Complaint against credit card provider who doesn't make terms and conditions clear


Dear Ms J,

Further to my telephone call today, I am writing as requested to make a complaint.

Today, after receiving the application form for a NATFHE Platinum Master Card on the post, I read the terms and conditions at the back of the application form. The only information I found relating to handling fees was on point 4.2 and states that you will charge handling fees for balance transfers and although it says that all these charges are shown in condition 5. I could not see condition 5 anywhere in the terms and conditions, as far as I can see, it does not mention anywhere on the terms and conditions how much these charges are.

Today at 5:45pm I called 0845 3000324 and talked to Mr Lee Taylor. He gave me customer services number for Bank of Scotland 0800 3896677.
I called 0800 3896677 and talked to Mr Gareth. I asked if there was a handling fee. Mr Gareth confirmed that balance transfers to current account were not allowed and that there was a 2% handling fee on balance transfers.
I asked why this information was not on the terms and conditions and he transferred me to Mr Phil Saunders. I asked Mr Sounders if there were any handling fees and he confirmed that there were not. I asked for a supervisor, talked to Ms Louise Thyern from Cardiff call centre, and again confirmed that there were no handling fees on balance transfers. I was then transferred to Ms July McCarthy and I was told that there is a 2% handling fee or £50 max.
I was told that you record calls and that you will look at the calls I made in addition to this letter to address my complaint. The telephone call ended at 6:49pm.

I believe that there should be no hidden charges of any type. All charges should be clearly stated so that consumers can make their mind up before signing a credit agreement and know how much are the charges for their credit card services. I believe that you have failed to inform me properly by not including relevant information on your terms and conditions/credit agreement.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,