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Letter to Tesco credit card complaining about credit card having been stopped without notice, leaving customer stranded in France

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Customer Response Department
TESCO Personal Finance
Credit Card Operations
PO BOX 6050
Southend-on Sea
SS99 1WL
22nd August 2006

Re: 22nd July 2006 TESCO Platinum Credit Card stopped

Dear Sirs,

Further to my telephone call on Tuesday 10th August at 11:37am, I am writing as requested to make a complaint.

I have been using my Tesco Platinum Credit Card as my main credit card for a good time now and have always managed my account in a sensible way. I have never been let down in such a way before by any other credit card provider.

I went on a trip to Europe on my motorcycle and took with me my Tesco credit card. I paid for petrol, food and motorway toll amongst other things.

On Saturday 22nd July 06 at about 10pm, as I was going to pay for my petrol, payment was declined on my Tesco credit card. I tried the cash machine but this was also declined. My vehicle’s number plate was taken down. I had to call customer services.
My first call was handled in a very rude way; the person handling the call refused to give me her name asking me why I wanted her name. I mentioned I wanted it as a reference to my telephone call. She hanged up the phone on me. This called lasted under 5 minutes.

I called back and talked to Nicole. She explained that after 10 transactions you would automatically stop my card. I was not even contacted on my mobile phone as other credit card providers do in order to minimise the impact of just stopping a customer’s credit card. She then reactivated my card.

You do have my mobile telephone number and I believe that for security purposes you should have contacted me instead of stopping my credit card inside a toll-motorway at 10 pm in the south of France. Under the DPA you are required to use information held about me on my own interest and I believe that was not done.

This event generated a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration including the fact that one of your unhelpful agents was rude and hanged up the phone on me.

When I called on Saturday 22nd July, I talked to Mr Westley and he suggested that I put this in writing since I want something more from you for all this inconvenience than just my phone bills paid.
I am very disappointed with the level of service I received. I have now stopped using my Tesco Platinum Credit Card until this matter gets resolved, as I do not support that type of practice.

I have received my mobile phone bill and the two calls are as follows:















Total Calls



You have stopped my credit card without any further thought at the impact that this has had. Having my contact details, you have failed to contact me in order to carry out any security checks and avoid all the resulting stress and frustration.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,




This issue was not resolved at this point