Sample Complaints


-Making customer suffer unnecessary pain

Credit card

-Not making terms and conditions clear

-Witholding personal data

-Stopping the card without giving notice

Mobile phone company

-Offers that don't work



More complaints



-Incompetent teaching

Internet provider

-Refusing to disconnect

Builders and city council

-Trying to push a "batch up" job

Traffic accident

-Trying to avoid paying for losses caused


-Making up new charges

Debt Collectors

-Threatening behaviour





Complaint against taxi driver who refuses to pay for damages he caused



Dear Mr SK:

This communication relates to the accident that happened on  Wednesday - 3/11/2004 – at 6:00 pm in the Campus of Sussex University.

You parked your taxi illegally, in front of the meeting house, and caused damage to my bicycle. I had to wait for 50 min , along with the university security guards, to find out who was the responsible for the atrocity. I have also spent hours trying to get my bicycle fixed.

I am writing to ask for the monies to fix my vehicle and also to make up for the loss of its use . I am still without a vehicle to go to work.

I have got two estimates, from bike shops in Brighton, which are attached to this letter. The cheapest estimate is for £85.

So, I request the following payment:

£ 85  (bicycle repair)
£ 50  (loss of use of the vehicle and time spent trying to get estimates )
total: £ 135

Please make cheques payable to Ricardo Oliveira.

The accident has been registered in the security office of the University of Sussex  and the police has also been informed.

If I don’t hear from you within 10 days, I will have to contact the police again.


Yours sincerely,


Ricardo Oliveira