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Internet provider

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Complaint against Bulldog Internet services (a business that fortunately doesn't exist anymore) for refusing to disconnect services


Dear Rio Patrick,


I am writing again to complain about bulldog services.
Having had a very frustrating experience with bulldog phone and internet services, and appalled by bulldog customer services, I asked in December 2005 for all Bulldog services to be disconnected from my home immediately. A log of some of the dozens of calls that  I had to make to Bulldog customer services, to complain about faults on the services provided,  is attached to this email  .

I received an email from Bulldog on the 6th December 2005, which explained that the services were going to be cancelled soon. However, as I have explained in various emails that I sent to Bulldog during the past week, the services mentioned haven’t yet been disconnected. Why the service hasn’t been disconnected at that time?

I also would like to make the following points:


- If you have cancelled your services on the 31st of January, as it is stated in your recent communications, I want you to confirm to me that I am no longer a customer of Bulldog .

- Although I am very dissatisfied with the services I received, I am committed to pay for them. Hence, I am waiting to receive a bill for these services. I am surprised by the fact that no bills have ever been sent to me.

- Your services are not welcome. I have been waiting for over 2 months for the disconnection of your services, which are still available. I am unable to switch to another company until your services are disconnected. I want to switch to another company as soon as possible and  I don’t want to be forced to use your services. If that is another of your faults, I expect it to be fixed immediately, so that I am finally free to switch to another company.


I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Yours sincerely,

Ricardo Esplugas



3:30 pm
served by Natasha
I phone customer services to explain problems(I can’t receive calls and also there are constant disconnections from the broadband service) and I receive fault number : 49212 

2:35 pm
served by Maia
I phone to complain that faults haven’t been fixed

11:00 am
served by Trevor
I phoned to explain that the problem is urgent and I am told that it will be fixed “tomorrow”

11:51 am
served by Steven
I phone to explain that the matter hasn’t been solved and it is urgent and I am given new fault number : 51315.

served by Michelle

Very upset about the situation and appalled with the quality of the customer services, I ask Michelle to call the manager. She explains that no manager is available because they are all in a meeting. Then, I ask for the duty manager and Michelle tells me that he is not available. Finally, I ask for the name of the duty manager, and Michelle tells me that she doesn’t know.
She also said that nothing can be done to solve my problem because I don’t have a contact phone number , as I am unable to receive phone calls on my present bulldog phone line. 


4:16 pm I phone again to complain about the fault
Left on hold until 4:25pm
At 4:26 I am told to wait
No conclusion at the end


served by Jimmy:
- I  phone to complain that voice mail not working properly: I explain that my voicemail is not working properly: people leave messages which I cannot  retrieve
He  tells me to activate voice mail by pressing star
5:43  end of call


5:44pm phone again    to explain that this solution didn’t work
served by Pavis 
I report that currently there are problems with voicemail
I am given new   new fault number (58309) and I am told that  engineers will contact me in 48 hours.
5:55pm  end of call          


I receive call about 6pm to tell fault has been fixed and tested




connection fault again: no dial tone



7:20 connection collapses and then no dial tone

7:53 pm
Served by Gemma


I log on to voice mail but messages are not recorded

 I am given new fault number : 60350

I   am told that I will be called within 24 h
7:59 pm  end of call


5 11 05

9: 41am  receive message saying that now voice mail works

12:00am  I test it and it doesn’t work



7:05 pm
Served by Alan
explain vm  is causing me troubles
I  ask to stop service  until it can be  fixed

7:10pm  I am cut off – Operator hanged on me


7:12pm —I phone again
Served by Wendy
explain voicemail is causing me troubles
ask to stop it until fixed
She tells me to do the following:
Dial #1571#
wait 30 min
and use this pin:
if not work , call us back
End of call : 7:20 pm

19:24 I deactivate voice mail

22:00 activate and try new pin: not working gain



no dial tone , so no broadband connection

  1. no dial tone


12 11 05

20:00  no dial tone/ no connection



22:00  internet not working: connected but not downloading web pages