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-Making customer suffer unnecessary pain

Credit card

-Not making terms and conditions clear

-Witholding personal data

-Stopping the card without giving notice

Mobile phone company

-Offers that don't work



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-Incompetent teaching

Internet provider

-Refusing to disconnect

Builders and city council

-Trying to push a "batch up" job

Traffic accident

-Trying to avoid paying for losses caused


-Making up new charges

Debt Collectors

-Threatening behaviour





Complaint against garage that tries to make "storage charges", having refused to deliver the vehicle before


Dear Sirs

I have purchased a motorcycle from you earlier this year, plus a tank bag, lock, clothing and other gear. Also I have all my services done with you. I had always been happy with the treatment I received from you, so that when I had a road accident on June 16th I didn’t hesitate in having an estimate and repairs done at your garage. That’s why I am surprised to face difficulties now, regarding the collection of my motorcycle.

Because I had an accident on June 16th and it took about a month for you to do an estimate and to repair the bike, I had a change in circumstances that made it difficult for me to have an opportunity to collect my bike CBR125R. Meanwhile, I have made arrangements with an insurance company to pay for your charges in full.

It took me some time until I found somebody with a motorcycle driving license and also insurance to drive any motorcycle, in order to collect the bike for me. I finally managed to find somebody to do this job, and this person phoned the garage to arrange immediate collection of the vehicle, but he was told that it wouldn’t be possible on that day. I understood you were busy with other customers and you couldn’t deliver the bike at that moment. After much effort, this person was booked to go to your garage again, to finally collect my motorcycle. At the garage, he was turned down again, this time because of an outstanding payment. Now I am again waiting to arrange this collection.

I don’t believe is fair to ask a person to postpone the collection of the bike, because you are very busy, and suddenly start charging storage charges. I would like to hear your views on this matter.

I look forward to hear from you soon,

Yours faithfully

Ricardo O Esplugas