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Complaint against dentist practice manager, who deliberately makes customer suffer pain

(one of the many letter sent during this dispute is shown below)

21st September 2007

Re: Complaint Practice Manager Amanda

Dear Ms HC,

I am writing to complaint about the service received from Amanda, Dental Practice Manager at the Oval practice.

On 21st August 2007, I had a root canal performed by W C at the Pall Mall clinic referred by my dentist at the Oval clinic, Carlos. A second appointment was made on 4th September 2007 to perform a second root canal on another tooth. On 4th September, the tooth was still painful and no work was carried out at that time. I was given antibiotics and made another appointment to see W C on 2nd October 2007.

After the first week of finishing the course of antibiotics given at Pall Mall I started to feel very strong toothache especially at night. I used Ibuprofen and paracetamol.

On Wednesday 19th September 2007, I had a very strong toothache that kept me awake the whole night. In the morning of Thursday 20th September 2007 I called the Pall Mall clinic. I was advised to contact my dentist at the Oval clinic as W C was on leave. At 10:03am I called the Oval clinic and talked to Amanda, the practice manager. I explained the problem and asked if I could see Carlos. Amanda said that Carlos was on holiday. I asked if I could have a prescription of antibiotics and painkillers to which Amanda said that it had to be done by my dentist Carlos, or otherwise I would have to be seen by the prescribing dentist at that time and that there were no dentists there yet, just the hygienist and the earliest available appointment was at 3:30pm.
I arrived at the Oval clinic at 3:25pm. A dentist (lady) saw me and I explained the problem. To my surprise she said that Carlos had been at the clinic until 3:00 pm. She prescribed a course of antibiotics and gave me the prescription with my notes to hand to the receptionist. I went to the reception and asked Amanda why I was told that Carlos was not there when in fact he was? Amanda became very agitated and blamed it on the fact that they had a new receptionist and she did not realized about it. I then told Amanda “when I talked to you on the phone this morning you told me that Carlos was on holidays”. She started raising her voice and had to ask Amanda to talk to me with respect, she replied “ I don’t talk to you with respect and I am not stamping your prescription and I am the manager here!” I went to see the dentist downstairs and told her that Amanda did not want to stamp the prescription. The dentist asked the other receptionist/assistant to get the prescription stamped.

On one occasion, when I handed in my card to pay, Amanda snapped it off my hand very abruptly and when the transaction was finished she refused to return the card when I asked for it telling me to get it myself. I informed Carlos about this and left, hoping that this would be just an isolated incident.

Unfortunately I believe that Amanda has used her position to inconvenience me by knowingly giving me wrong information and delaying my visit to the dentist while I was in pain; a very malicious, unprofessional and inappropriate attitude. I find this situation unacceptable. To be put under all this because the practice manager has, for whatever reason unknown to me, a “personal vendetta” against me.

As I am happy with my dentist Carlos, I would like to keep using his services for my dental needs but unfortunately I can’t accept Amanda’s inappropriate behaviour and lack of professionalism.

I will appreciate if you would investigate this matter.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,