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Letter to T-mobile complaining about an offer that couldn't be acomplished

T Mobile (UK) Ltd
Maxwell Road

Re: Complaint of service received.


Dear Sirs,

I am writing to complain about the service I received while trying to upgrade my handset.

On the 25th July 03, I called T-Mobile customer services to enquire about a credit towards a new handset. Last year I remember they offered me over £70 towards a new handset. I was told that a discount of £50.00 were authorised towards the purchase of a handset, after some deliberation it was agreed that it was £99.99. I was told I could go to any T mobile dealer.

I went to Clapham Junction to a well-known mobile phone supplier Car Phone Warehouse. I explained that I wanted to upgrade my handset and that I had £99.99 credit towards a new one. The shop assistant had to verify, he entered my details on their systems and send the request to you. After waiting for 35 min, I asked the assistant if it was going to take much longer; the shop assistant confirmed that they were having problems registering/upgrading customers with T-Mobile. I called T-Mobile customer services, after waiting for a long time, I was told that the problem was with the shop so I handed the phone to the shop assistant and they tried to send my details. Again I was asked to wait. After waiting for nearly 2 hours, I called T-Mobile and explained the problem, I was not given any help, I was very frustrated about the whole experience and I asked to cancel my service. I was put on hold for another 23 minutes; a customer representative for cancellations started giving excuses as to the length of time I had to wait. I told her that I was not interested “don’t bull shit me” (or something like this; which I regret). I remained very dissatisfied with the treatment I received.

Later on the same day at 6:33 pm I called customer services. I talked to Peter claiming to be a senior advisor. I explained the problem and he mentioned that there was a note on the system saying that I had sworn on my earlier communication. He then made a full statement about not putting up with insults or swearing. He would not let me talk asking me in a rude way to be quiet he then hanged up.
I called again and I talked to Sue; she mentioned that T-Mobile was having technical problems. That was the reason for the problems I encountered while trying to upgrade and that she stopped the cancellation that I had requested earlier on.

I am extremely disappointed with this, I do not expect to be patronized and being put labels. That is not very professional of customer services and it is not what you are supposed to do when a problem is brought to your attention. I would like to know all the information that you hold about me to be disclosed, please inform me about this procedure and/or any administration charges involved.

I have being with T-Mobile for a long time and I’d like to keep my mobile number but will consider going to another network, please advice me on the release of my number so that I can keep using it on other networks.

I look forward to hearing your comments on the above matters.
Yours faithfully,