Sample Complaints


-Making customer suffer unnecessary pain

Credit card

-Not making terms and conditions clear

-Witholding personal data

-Stopping the card without giving notice

Mobile phone company

-Offers that don't work



More complaints



-Incompetent teaching

Internet provider

-Refusing to disconnect

Builders and city council

-Trying to push a "batch up" job

Traffic accident

-Trying to avoid paying for losses caused


-Making up new charges

Debt Collectors

-Threatening behaviour





Complaint against building works of very low standard

INTRO: This dispute was very long as I had to fight against 3 parties: Breyers, which were the main contractors, Dunlop Haywards, which were supposed to ensure a good level of work and finally Brighton Council. It was very disapponting to observe that officers working from Brighton Council seemed to be on the side of Breyers and DH, which were offering a low standard of work, instead of defending the interest of residents and the integrity of the Council building stock.

Some sample letters will be presented her, although I plan to publish a full review of the dispute soon.

Selected Letters:

About manager accusing me of putting mud in gutters

Demanding a decent reply from Breyers contractors

Council officers telling surveyors to neglect my correspondance

Log of meeting:

-Log of meeting of residents with council officer, surveyors and site manager.

Some of the photographic and video evidence presented:

Various aspects

colapsing tiles and gutters left full of rubish and mud

video of loose tiles above my balcony